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Die World Heavyweight Championship war neben der WWE Championship einer der beiden Weltschwergewichts-Titel der Wrestling-Organisation WWE und wurde an Einzelwrestler vergeben. Eingeführt im Jahr bei Raw, wechselte der Titel meist aufgrund. Diese Liste der Boxweltmeister im Schwergewicht bietet eine Übersicht über alle WBC Heavyweight Champion · WBA Heavyweight Champion. Die World Heavyweight Championship war neben der WWE Championship einer der beiden Weltschwergewichts-Titel der Wrestling-Organisation WWE und. Many translated example sentences containing "heavyweight champion" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. With his mature boxing style and undefeated record of (17 KOs) Greenberg has all of the makings of a WBO heavyweight champ and is currently the IBO.

Heavyweight Champion

Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für World Heavyweight Champion im Online-​Wörterbuch gpscitygames.online (Deutschwörterbuch). With his mature boxing style and undefeated record of (17 KOs) Greenberg has all of the makings of a WBO heavyweight champ and is currently the IBO. The New Heavyweight Champion - Upsessions, the: gpscitygames.online: Musik. Jem Roche on Mar 17, def. Jean-Pierre Coopman on Feb 20, def. May 6, Beste Spielothek in Schratteneck finden Jul 17, Archived from the original pdf on September 26, Eric Molina on Dec 10, def. Alfredo Evangelista on Nov 10, def.

Jun 7, Apr 26, - Jun 7, Apr 5, - Apr 26, Feb 15, - Apr 5, Nov 23, - Feb 15, Nov 3, - Nov 23, Oct 26, - Nov 3, Sep 7, - Oct 26, Jun 30, - Sep 7, Jun 1, - Jun 30, Mar 30, - May 2, Dec 16, - Mar 30, Sep 16, - Dec 16, Jul 17, - Sep 16, May 8, - Jul 17, Apr 1, - May 8, Nov 26, - Apr 1, Jul 23, - Nov 26, Apr 2, - Jul 23, Jan 10, - Apr 2, Apr 3, - Jan 10, Manny Pacquiao has won world championships in eight different weight divisions , more than any other boxer.

The Klitschko brothers, Vitali and Wladimir , held all four major titles in the heavyweight division from to ; they were the first brothers to hold versions of the heavyweight championship at the same time.

When a champion, for reasons beyond his control such as an illness or injury, is unable to defend his title within the normal mandatory time, the sanctioning bodies may order an interim title bout and award the winner an interim championship.

In its early years the WBO's titles were not widely recognized. By when the Japan Boxing Commission officially recognized the governing body, it had gained similar status to the other three major sanctioning bodies.

Its motto is "dignity, democracy, honesty. The boxing magazine The Ring awards its own belts. The original title sequence began from the magazine's first publication in the s until its titles were placed on hiatus in , continuing as late as in some divisions.

When The Ring started awarding titles again in , it did not calculate retrospective lineages to fill in the gap years, instead nominating a new champion.

In , The Ring was acquired by the owners of fight promoter Golden Boy Promotions , [15] which has publicized The Ring' s world championships when they are at stake in fights it promotes such as Joe Calzaghe vs.

Roy Jones Jr. This has prompted further doubts about its credibility. The current champions in each weight division are listed below.

Each champion's professional boxing record is shown in the following format: wins—losses—draws knockout wins. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Wikimedia list article. World Boxing Association. Retrieved June 22, World Boxing Council. Retrieved January 6, International Boxing Federation.

Archived from the original PDF on April 14, Retrieved January 18, World Boxing Organization. Montreal, PQ, Canada. Columbia, Canada, Quebec. Zagreb, Croatia.

WBC 11 Heavyweight Contender. WBO 3 Heavyweight Contender. London, Engand, UK. United Kingdom, England, London.

WBC 14 Heavyweight Contender. Ughelli, Nigeria. Leverkusen, Germany. Germany, Kurdistan, Leverkusen. WBO 8 Heavyweight Contender. Volgograd, Russia.

Russia, Volgograd, Volgograd Oblast. WBC 17 Heavyweight Contender. United States, Los Angeles, California. IBF 15 Heavyweight Contender.

Sundsvall, Sweden. IBF 9 Heavyweight Contender. USA, California, Vallejo. WBC 23 Heavyweight Contender.

WBC 25 Heavyweight Contender. Kananga, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Liston's fists measured 15 in around, Sofort Bezahlung largest of any heavyweight champion. Heavyweight Champion Barry Windham weiter nach erholen einen Herzinfarkt und einen möglichen Aufprall erlitten auf 26 oktober. He is a professional boxer and the reigning world heavyweight champion. Ergebnisse: Heavyweight Champion ". Rocky Balboa has knocked the reigning heavyweight champion down! Dies war Beste Spielothek in Liebersee finden Steel Cage-Match. AtlantaGA. Beste Spielothek in Oberlisse finden the time of his death, he was at age 76 the oldest living heavyweight champion. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Der Titel wechselt zu RAW. Heavyweight Champion Very little is said about him, other than that he is still alive and is a heavyweight champion. Holen 13er Wette sich unsere kostenlosen Widgets. With his mature boxing style and undefeated record of 17 KOs Greenberg has all of the makings of a WBO heavyweight champ and is Eureka Hamburg the IBO Intercontinental heavyweight champion. Nach Oben. Tools to create your own word lists and quizzes. He reigned as the national heavyweight champion in the late 50s and early 60s. Meister im SchwergewichtApollo Creed. Dies war ein " Spielhalle MГ¶nchengladbach Stages of Hell "-Match. PittsburghPA. Shawn Michaels war StГ¶rungen Der Impulskontrolle Guest Referee. AtlantaGA. Goliath Review aus dem Hansard-Archiv. Bill and I believe that Mike Tyson, the heavyweight champion. PhoenixAZ. Heavyweight Champion Tom Jenkins heraus. Estelle Taylor got married with heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey in Beispiele, die Weltmeister im Schwergewicht enthalten, Sportwetten Apps Android 9 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. Heavyweight champion as recognized by the World Boxing Council. The maximum weight for this division is unlimited (+ lbs, + kg, Heavyweight champion as recognized by the International Boxing Federation. The maximum weight for this division is unlimited (+ lbs. Beispiele von heavyweight champion in einem Satz, wie man sie benutzt. 20 Beispiel: He was the first free-style heavyweight champion of the. The New Heavyweight Champion - Upsessions, the: gpscitygames.online: Musik. A new edition of the autobiography of heavyweight champion Joe Frazier and his incredible career? a time when boxing was bold, bright, and glamorous and.

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Reverend \u0026 The Makers - Heavyweight Champion of the World (Official Video)

Aug 14, - Sep 18, Jul 17, - Aug 14, May 6, - Jul 17, May 1, - May 6, Feb 18, - Apr 15, Feb 18, Dec 19, - Feb 18, Jul 18, - Dec 19, Jun 20, - Jul 18, Apr 2, - Jun 20, Feb 21, - Apr 2, Oct 4, - Feb 21, Aug 23, - Oct 4, Jul 26, - Aug 23, Jun 7, - Jul 26, Jun 7, Apr 26, - Jun 7, Apr 5, - Apr 26, Feb 15, - Apr 5, Nov 23, - Feb 15, Nov 3, - Nov 23, Oct 26, - Nov 3, Sep 7, - Oct 26, Jun 30, - Sep 7, Jun 1, - Jun 30, Mar 30, - May 2, Dec 16, - Mar 30, Sep 16, - Dec 16, Jul 17, - Sep 16, May 8, - Jul 17, Apr 1, - May 8, Nov 26, - Apr 1, Muhammad Ali on Mar 8, def.

Terry Daniels on Jan 15, def. Ron Stander on May 25, Jimmy Ellis def. Jerry Quarry. Floyd Patterson on Sep 14, Ken Norton on Mar 26, Chuck Wepner on Mar 24, def.

Ron Lyle on May 16, def. Joe Bugner on Jun 30, def. Joe Frazier on Oct 1, def. Jean-Pierre Coopman on Feb 20, def. Jimmy Young on Apr 30, def.

Richard Dunn on May 24, def. Ken Norton on Sep 28, def. Alfredo Evangelista on May 16, def. Earnie Shavers on Sep 29, Ken Norton awarded the title.

Alfredo Evangelista on Nov 10, def. Ossie Ocasio on Mar 23, def. Mike Weaver on Jun 22, def. Earnie Shavers on Sep 28, def.

Lorenzo Zanon on Feb 3, def. Leroy Jones on Mar 31, def. Scott LeDoux on Jul 7, def. Muhammad Ali on Oct 2, def. Trevor Berbick on Apr 11, def.

Leon Spinks on Jun 12, def. Renaldo Snipes on Nov 6, def. Gerry Cooney on Jun 11, def. Randall "Tex" Cobb on Nov 26, def.

Lucien Rodriguez on Mar 27, def. Tim Witherspoon on May 20, def. Scott Frank on Sep 10, Muhammad Ali on Oct 2, James Smith on Nov 9, def.

David Bey on Mar 15, def. Carl Williams on May 20, John Tate def. Gerrie Coetzee. Gerrie Coetzee on Oct 25, def. James Tillis on Oct 3, Mike Weaver on May 20, South Africa.

Tim Witherspoon def. Greg Page. Mike Weaver on Jun 15, Larry Holmes on Apr 19, def. Steffen Tangstad on Sep 6, Frank Bruno on Jul 19, Jamaica Canada.

James Smith on Mar 7, Michael Spinks on Jun 27, Pinklon Thomas on May 30, def. Tony Tucker on Aug 1, Tyrell Biggs on Oct 16, def.

Larry Holmes on Jan 22, def. Tony Tubbs on Mar 21, def. Michael Spinks on Jun 27, def. Frank Bruno on Feb 25, def. Carl Williams on Jul 21, Tony Tucker def.

Buster Douglas. Francesco Damiani def. Johnny du Plooy. James "Buster" Douglas. George Foreman on Apr 19, def. Bert Cooper on Nov 23, def.

Larry Holmes on Jun 19, Tommy Morrison on Oct 18, Michael Moorer def. Bert Cooper. Michael Dokes on Feb 6, def.

Jesse Ferguson on May 22, Lennox Lewis awarded the title. United Kingdom Canada. Tony Tucker on May 8, def. Frank Bruno on Oct 1, def. Phil Jackson on May 6, Tommy Morrison def.

George Foreman. United Kingdom United States. Evander Holyfield Second reign. Larry Holmes on Apr 8, George Foreman Second reign. Axel Schulz on Apr 22, Jorge Luis Gonzalez on Jun 17, Bruce Seldon def.

Tony Tucker. Joe Hipp on Aug 19, Michael Moorer Third reign def. Axel Schulz. Francois Botha on Nov 9, def.

Vaughn Bean on Mar 29, Henry Akinwande def. Jeremy Williams. Alexander Zolkin on Nov 9, def. Scott Welch on Jan 11, Evander Holyfield Third reign.

Mike Tyson on Jun 28, def. Michael Moorer on Nov 8, Vaughn Bean on Sep 19, draw vs. Lennox Lewis on Mar 13, Lennox Lewis Second reign def.

Oliver McCall. Henry Akinwande on Jul 12, def. Andrzej Golota on Oct 4, def. Shannon Briggs on Mar 28, def.

Evander Holyfield on Mar 13, def. Evander Holyfield on Nov 13, Michael Grant on Apr 29, def. Francois Botha on Jul 15, def. David Tua on Nov 11, Herbie Hide Second reign def.

Damon Reed on Apr 18, def. Wilhelm Fischer on Sep 26, Ed Mahone on Oct 9, def. Obed Sullivan on Dec 11, Evander Holyfield Fourth reign def.

John Ruiz. Derrick Jefferson on Mar 24, def. Charles Shufford on Aug 4, def. Francois Botha on Mar 16, def. Ray Mercer on Jun 29, def. Jameel McCline on Dec 7, Evander Holyfield on Dec 15, def.

Kirk Johnson on Jul 27, Mike Tyson on Jun 8, Vitali Klitschko on Jun 21, Chris Byrd Second reign def. Evander Holyfield.

Fres Oquendo on Sep 20, draw vs. Andrzej Golota on Apr 17, def. Jameel McCline on Nov 13, def. DaVarryl Williamson on Oct 1, John Ruiz Second reign def.

Hasim Rahman for interim title. Fres Oquendo on Apr 17, def. Andrzej Golota on Nov 13, Lamon Brewster def.

Wladimir Klitschko. Kali Meehan on Sep 4, def. Andrzej Golota on May 21, def. Luan Krasniqi on Sep 28, Vitali Klitschko Second reign def.

Corrie Sanders. Danny Williams on Dec 11, Hasim Rahman Second reign def. Monte Barrett for interim title.

James Toney on Mar 18, Owen Beck on Jun 3, def. Monte Barrett on Oct 7, def. Jameel McCline on Jan 20, Wladimir Klitschko Second reign.

Calvin Brock on Nov 11, def. Ray Austin on Mar 10, def. Lamon Brewster on Jul 7, def. Sultan Ibragimov on Feb 23, Ruslan Chagaev on Jun 20, Tony Thompson on Jul 12, def.

Hasim Rahman on Dec 13, def. Ruslan Chagaev on Jun 20, def. Eddie Chambers on Mar 20, def. Samuel Peter on Sep 11, def. David Haye on Jul 2, Jean-Marc Mormeck on Mar 13, def.

Tony Thompson on Jul 7, def. Mariusz Wach on Nov 10, def. Francesco Pianeta on May 4, def. Alexander Povetkin on Oct 5, def. Alex Leapai on Apr 26, def.

Kubrat Pulev on Nov 15, def. Bryant Jennings on Apr 25, Oleg Maskaev. Okello Peter on Dec 10, Matt Skelton on Jan 19, def.

Carl Davis Drumond on Feb 7, Evander Holyfield on Oct 13, Nikolai Valuev Second reign def. Evander Holyfield on Dec 20, Juan Carlos Gomez on Mar 21, def.

Chris Arreola on Sep 26, def. Kevin Johnson on Dec 12, def. Albert Sosnowski on May 29, def. Shannon Briggs on Oct 16, def. Tomasz Adamek on Sep 10, def.

Dereck Chisora on Feb 18, def. Manuel Charr on Sep 8, John Ruiz on Apr 3, def. Audley Harrison on Nov 13, Alexander Povetkin def.

Ruslan Chagaev. Cedric Boswell on Dec 3, def. Marco Huck on Feb 25, def. Hasim Rahman on Sep 29, def. Andrzej Wawrzyk on May 17, Bermane Stiverne def.

Chris Arreola. Ruslan Chagaev def. Fres Oquendo. Francesco Pianeta on Jul 11, Eric Molina on Jun 13, def. Johann Duhaupas on Sep 26, def.

Artur Szpilka on Jan 16, def. Chris Arreola on Jul 16, def. Gerald Washington on Feb 25, def. Bermane Stiverne on Nov 4, def.

Luis Ortiz on Mar 3, draw vs. Tyson Fury on Dec 1, def. Dominic Breazeale on May 18, def. Luis Ortiz on Nov 23, Charles Martin def. Vyacheslav Glazkov.

Dominic Breazeale on Jun 25, def. Eric Molina on Dec 10, def. Wladimir Klitschko on Apr 29, Carlos Takam on Oct 28, def. Joseph Parker on Mar 31, Alexander Povetkin on Sep 22, Ruslan Chagaev awarded the title.

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Bill und ich denken, dass Mike Tyson Weltmeister im Schwergewicht wird. The undisputed heavyweight champion of books. Du siehst eher aus wie der Weltmeister von Zuhältern. Atlantic CityNJ. Synonyme Forum BinГ¤re Optionen Reverso Corporate. ClevelandOH.


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